3rd Scenario

You are in school and at recess. The day is going to end soon. You are arguing with Martin and you are mad that he refuses to listen to you. He hates how everyone is scared of you and starts talking about how you are scared to be alone. He knows your only fear and he is attempting to use it against you. He starts to tick you off and you start getting really angry. You really want to just throw your fist at his face right now but for once you are thinking before your actions. Instead you say "Shut up before I punch you in the face and knock all your teeth out" but Martin continues to talk. He says "You think you're so tough but you're not. You're all talk. You won't fight me even if I begged for it. C'mon fight me right now you wuss!" There are no teachers nearby, just about 40 students all spectating around you. What do you respond with?

Option 1

You respond with "OK After School! We'll see who is boss" You agree to fight Martin. It happens later after school the same day.

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Option 2

You respond with "No, I can't. I don't want to get caught." You disagree to fight Martin. Everyone thinks of you differently.

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