Scene 3 Ending 2

Martin starts calling you a wuss and coward. Then he screams out loud to everyone that is around "He denied to fight me what a wuss. Hahaha Xavier is a loser!" He starts making fun of you and you get sad. For once you made a good decision but at what cost. Everyone gives you a weird look and your bodyguards leave you. After a couple of minutes recess ends. You decide not to go inside yet and you realize that you are alone. You start regretting that you chose not to fight him. Then moments later, you start to cry. After crying for 5 minutes straight, you decide to go back inside. When you go inside a girl notices the dry tears in your eyes and says outloud "LOOK XAVIER IS CRYING LOL WHAT A LOSER!" You attempt to avoid eye contact with everyone laughing at you. Suddenly, Martin comes out of nowhere and says "Sorry not sorry, you deserve it. You've had your fun ruling the school. Now no one listens to you. No one is scared of you anymore. You are a FAILURE." When he leaves you start to cry. While walking back to your backpack, you are stopped by your bodyguards Jose and Dominick. They whisper to you saying "Wow, after what we just saw. I'm questioning how people let you rule the school for so long. When they leave you start to question what made you finally make the correct decision. You start thinking that maybe you can turn your life around and become a good person but you know that no one will become friends with you or listen to you ever again. Atleast not at this school. You pick up your backpack and slowly walk out of the school to the bus. While walking to the bus you trip over a PEN and everyone starts laughing hysterically at you. You are so embarrassed to the point that you dont want to come back to school, EVER.

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