Scene 3 Ending 1

It's the end of the day. Everyone is circling around you and Martin. You're about to fight. As Martin quickly takes a slip of his Monster Energy Drink, You whisper something into Jose's (your bodyguard) ear. You say "30 Seconds after the fight starts, I want you to get close to Martin and sit on him." Jose smirks and responds with an ok. 1 minute later, the fight starts. Martin throws a couple of punches at you and you fight back with a kick in the shin and a jab to the chest. Martin gets super angry and attempts to kick your genitals. Thank god he missed. Then, you kick him in the stomach but he punches you directly in your fingers. He bent one of your fingers in a way that no finger should bend in. A couple of seconds later, Jose enters the fight and sits on Martin. He collapses to the ground face first because Jose weighs over 175 pounds. When Martin hits the ground, people start cheering for you. When Jose gets up, everyone realizes that Martin has a broken nose and a bunch of scratches from the rocks on the ground. You won the fight and you still control the people of the school. Everyone is still terrified of you and almost all the students still respect you out of fear. After a little, Martin goes to the nurse with a broken nose and scratches on his cheek from the rocks he landed on. The nurse shouts and says "Oh My God what happened!!!". Martin sighs and responds with "I was sat on by some fat kid..." The nurse starts hysterically laughing and hands Martin an ice pack. He says "How is this supposed to help my broken nose..." The nurse answers back with "I don't know I'm a school nurse."

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