2nd Scenario

It is 1pm, you are switching to your final class. In the hallway you see Xavier and his bodyguards. You see them picking on a boy in a lower grade. You hear Xavier say to the little boy "If you don't give me your lunch money, I'm going to poison your food and hide crack in your backpack. Then I'm going to tell the cops that you have been trading crack for gummybears in the cafeteria. Then you're going to go to jail and become a criminal for the rest of your life." In that moment, the little boy is scared so he gives Xavier his lunch money. Couple of seconds after, Xavier picks him up and gently puts him in a trash can and says "Here I'll put you back where you belong" and he closes the lid. Then he turns his head and spots you. He starts walking towards you with both of his bodyguards on his side. What do you do?

Option 1

You run away into the bathroom and hide.

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Option 2

You stay where you are and let Xavier confront you.

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