Scene 2 Ending 2

Xavier and his bodyguards walk up to you in an aggressive tone. He asks you "What did you see?". You lie and reply with "I didn't see anything. I just left my class". You can tell by the look on his face that he doesn't believe you but he says "Ok then" and walks away. You are suddenly very surprised and you decide to tell the administration what you saw. When you get there, you see Xavier and his bodyguards waiting. He asks you "Oh Hello, Why are you here?". You answer with "Oh I'm just here to uhhh, to grab a form for uhhh, the class field trip." This time, he doesn't assume you are lying and actually believes you. When he leaves you tell the administration what happened and they reply with "I'm sorry but we can't help you. No staff in this school has the guts to confront Xavier on all the things he does. Everyone knows that he will somehow get back on them." Your only hope to change something is gone. You go back to being an ordinary bystander but this time you never eavesdrop any of Xavier's conversations. Before you leave the front office, the lady asks you a question, "Have you changed your socks yet?" You sign and respond with a sad "no". When you leave the office, Xavier is waiting outside and he asks you "Where's the form?" You quickly respond with "Oh shoot I forgot it in there!" and you run as fast as possible back into the office. You decide to hang out there for the rest of the school day.

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