Scene 2 Ending 1

You run into the bathroom and hide in the big stall. Xavier and his bodyguards chase you down. You are scared and frightened. You assume that he is going to bully you. As Xavier walks into the bathroom with his bodyguards, he starts checking every stall. Soon, he spots you standing on the toilet in the locked stall. His bodyguard Jose breaks the lock on the stall and Xavier enters. He grabs a line of toilet paper and dips it in the toilet. He takes it out and says "Why did you run? What did you hear? For some reason, you refuse to tell the truth and he knows you are lying. He quickly smacks you with the soaked toilet paper. You are about to start crying. Xavier says "Oh look boys, we got ourselves a cry baby." A couple minutes later, a teacher walks in and sees what is happening. You get happy that a teacher is here and he will handle the situation but Xavier sends his bodyguards after the teacher and he runs away in panic and confusion. Then Xavier and his bodyguard Dominick grab your head and shove it into the toilet and flush a numerous amount of times. After 3-5 minutes, they laugh and leave. You fully regret watching and eavesdropping his "conversation" with the little boy. When you enter your 6th period, the teacher gives you a detention because you were late. That also means Xavier got a detention as well so you will be seeing him again Friday afternoon.

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