1st Scenario

You're in your 4th period class (Spanish 2 Honors) with Xavier. You see him bullying a little boy. The teacher starts yelling at Xavier but he refuses to stop. You are scared to interfere in what he is doing; still you walk up to him and say "Hey, why don't you pick on someone your own size!!!". Xavier replies with "Ok, I guess" and punches you in the face. Instead of being a responsible adult, the teacher decides to Instagram livestream what's happening in her classroom. In a matter of seconds, about 20,000 people join the livestream. Everyone is watching you and Xavier face off in a fight. The fight starts off with Xavier throwing another punch at your face but he missed. What move do you retaliate with?

Option 1

You retaliate with a fast kick in the ribs.

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Option 2

You retaliate with an attempt in decapitating him with a pair of scissors.

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