Scene 1 Ending 2

In your attempt in decapitating Xavier with a pair of scissors, he whips out a bottle of hot sauce from his lunch and pours it in your eyes. You jump back and scream in pain. The hot sauce is burning your eyes infront of 20 thousand people. The teacher screams "Oh WHAT A PLOT TWIST". Everyone assumes that Xavier won but you run back and slap him with your Gucci flipflops (Which are $220). Your hit was weak and all you have done is made Xavier angry. He grabs the Spanish 2 Honors Teacher Edition Textbook and smacks you in the head with it. The hit was so strong that you quickly collapse and slam your face into a desk. Your friend Ethan takes you to the nurse. The nurse already knows all of your injuries because she was watching the teachers livestream. She sees that you are upset and diagnosis you with depression. You are upset because you couldn't successfully stand up to Xavier. Now everyone still listens to him and they are even more scared then before. You've made things worse for the kids in the school.

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