Scene 1 Ending 1

You retaliate with a fast kick in the ribs. You hit Xavier directly in the chest and the whole classroom hears a crack. Everyone suspects that one or two of his ribs just broke. He gets super angry and tries to pick up a chair and throw it at you; but because he was in pain, he misses the throw and hits a girl in the face. That girl turns out to be the teachers daughter and the teacher starts freaking out. She puts her phone down on a stand and goes to help out her daughter. The livestream continues and while Xavier is distracted, You karate chop him in the back. Xavier is lying on the ground in pain when all of a sudden the projector attached to the roof falls and lands on his head. Then moments later the whole roof collapses. Administration runs to the classroom and makes a quick decision to cancel school for a whole week to fix the classroom. All the students get super excited and starts to chant your name. Everyone is happy that you defeated Xavier and that school is canceled for a whole week. Now no one listens to Xavier and he is stuck in the hospital for 3 weeks. You are proud of yourself that you took down the school bully without experiencing too much pain; but you still have to pay for the school damages so R.I.P the wallet.

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